This is my first blog post! I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a few years but I have found excuse after excuse to put it off… I think I finally ran out of them or I just got a little braver! But here I am, I don’t know if I’ll be interesting enough or […]

Peace Out Silicone

When I wrote my last post on BII (breast implant illness) I could never have imagined the response I would get. So many comments, direct messages, texts, calls and conversations had from one moment of transparency. So happy to share my story if it means I can save someone the trouble of walking the same […]

Colorado Springs

My husband Tim and I, just got back from such a fun trip to Colorado Springs! The city is much bigger than we expected and the amount of hiking/nature within proximity to the downtown area could take an entire month, if not more to do and see it all. So here are some of our […]

Fully Embracing Me

This year has been a year of going deeper, examining my lifestyle, following a narrow path in hopes that it will lead to the light, only to find that the path just kept getting darker… I feel like that sentence held enough drama for you to understand that my health has been a major concern […]